How Divorce is Changing: Mediated Divorce

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How Divorce is Changing: Mediated Divorce

Shared custody, child support, and spousal maintenance are all terms that might soon be irrelevant as divorces become more like a ‘business transaction.’ Mediated divorce is becoming the new model for ending a marriage. If you’re not familiar with this process, it’s time to learn about what could change your life forever!

What Is Mediated Divorce?

Mediated divorce is a form of legal dissolution that has been around for decades, but it’s becoming more popular each day. It requires the parties to choose a mediator who will help them develop an agreement about how they want their lives and finances changed as well as what parenting guidelines need to be followed when raising their children. The process is less adversarial than traditional divorce, and it can be completed in as little as six months.

What Is The Process Like?

Mediated divorce clients sit down with the mediator to discuss how they want their lives, and finances changed post-divorce. They also come up with parenting guidelines that will help them when raising children together.

What Are The Benefits?

Mediated divorce clients do not need to hire attorneys or have court proceedings, which means it’s less expensive than traditional divorce. It is also more private and can be completed much quicker because the parties are working on an agreement instead of fighting in court.

How Is This Different From Traditional Divorce?

Traditional divorce is an adversarial process in which the court decides what happens to assets, custody of children, and spousal maintenance. With a mediated divorce, these are all discussed with a mediator who will help develop solutions that both parties can agree on without having to go through lengthy and expensive litigation.

Do You Still Need An Attorney?

You will probably need an expert divorce attorney like Marshall & Taylor to help with the paperwork and filing, but you won’t need one during negotiations. However, it doesn’t hurt to have a trustworthy lawyer on your side just in case things don’t work out as planned. The choice is yours.

Mediated divorce is a more private and less expensive way of dissolving your marriage than traditional divorce. So, think about it thoroughly and give it a shot if you don’t see enough light at the end of the tunnel.

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The Cost of Spinal Cord Injuries: Legal Ways to Seek Compensation

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The Cost of Spinal Cord Injuries: Legal Ways to Seek Compensation

Have you sustained a spinal cord injury? If so, it is important to know what the cost of these injuries is. Spinal cord injuries can cause medical bills in the hundreds of thousands and lead to lifelong disabilities. It’s not surprising that people with spinal cord injuries have lawyered up quickly. 

In this blog post, we will discuss why you should sue someone when they are at fault for your spinal cord injury and how legal action can help recover costs associated with your injury.

What are the costs associated with spinal cord injuries?

Medical bills account for a massive percentage of the cost. Medical bills, in particular, can be as high as $500,000, and that doesn’t include any other expenses like lost wages or disability payments. The more severe your injury is (such as paraplegia), the higher your medical bill will be on average because you may need surgery to repair nerve damage. Even if someone does not have insurance coverage, there are many ways to cover some of these medical bills through charities and grants such a Medicaid or Medicare.

How do I sue someone when they cause my spinal cord injury?

There are three main options for suing people who cause your spinal cord injury, depending on where the accident happened. If the accident occurred on a public road or highway, you could sue under negligence in cases of hit-and-run accidents where they are at fault. 

The second option is suing someone who caused your injury while driving and was intoxicated or using their phone, as this violates traffic laws. 

The third type of case would fall into more personal grounds such as battery if you were injured by an attack with violence (such as being punched) or assault when someone tried to hurt another, like throwing something at them that harms them instead.

What should I do?

If you have sustained a spinal cord injury, it’s important to understand what legal options you have available to recover losses associated with these injuries from medical bills and other expenses incurred because of the damage. So, make sure you hire a skilled personal injury lawyer like Caffee Law Firm to represent your case in the courtroom as soon as possible.

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How Can You Appeal A Workers’ Compensation Claim Decision?

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How Can You Appeal A Workers’ Compensation Claim Decision?

Workers’ compensation claim protects employees against any unfortunate event that takes place while they are at the work location, engaged in their day job. If something happens to them, they are entitled to receive compensation benefits from their employer. This whole claim procedure is managed by the state government, and rates of compensation may vary from state to state. 

Since there are thousands of such claims filed in New Jersey every month, chances are some of them may not live up to employees’ expectations. The government gives employees the right to appeal against these decisions. Here is how it can be made. 

Appeal A Workers’ Compensation Claim Decision:

If you believe that the compensation amount is not as much as you expected, then it’s your right to appeal against it. The first step is to ask the board to review this decision. You can file your complaint in the written form and submit it without any further delay. Once your complaint has been submitted, the compensation appeal board may ask you to produce evidence that supports your appeal. 

Things can be tricky here as you may not know how to collect and provide evidence in a way that it gets approved immediately. So, instead of trying to do everything by yourself, make sure you hire an experienced law firm like Brach Eichler Injury Lawyers to help you throughout the process. Often, the review committee announces its decision within a few days, and if they believe that your appeal has got some grounds, you may approach the tribunal court to increase the compensation amount. 

This entire procedure is fully technical in nature. There is no point in trying to handle it alone. A skilled personal injury lawyer that has been working in the same field for the last many years and knows how to sort out such matters can play a crucial role here. So, make sure you connect with a lawyer even before approaching the compensation appeal board for a hassle-free experience.

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Health Concerns You Might Have and Not Even Realize

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Diseases come in all sorts of different ways, and some of them you may not even realize you have until symptoms start to worsen. That’s because many of these conditions don’t have physical symptoms that are obvious. Just because you may not notice it, doesn’t mean that these diseases aren’t serious. In fact, some of the ones on this list are deadly. Routine appointments with your doctor can greatly increase your chances of catching these problems before they become serious. Here are some of the most notorious and silent health concerns that you may not know you have:

  • Celiac Disease – Although this condition has noticeable symptoms, you may not realize that your problems are actually related to this disease. Celiac disease is a condition where the body attacks cells in the intestine as they break down gluten. Symptoms include tiredness, feelings of weakness, and bloating among other things that are hard to pinpoint.
  • Heart Disease – Arteries slowly build up plaque over time, and you may not realize you have dangerously narrow arteries until it is too late. Without visiting the doctor, you may not even think about it until you have symptoms of a heart attack. The best way to prevent this condition is by living an active and healthy lifestyle.
  • Colon Cancer – This cancer is one of the most popular forms of cancer among men and women, but it usually goes unnoticed until a late stage. By the time people start to notice painful stomach aches and bloody stool, the cancer has progressed to the point that patients need emergency care in an attempt to save their life.
  • Sleep Apnea – Sleep is critical for staying alert throughout the day, and it helps your brain stay vigilant from danger. However, many people suffer from this disease because it only shows symptoms in their sleep. Sleep apnea has been proven to increase the risk for other potentially deadly health concerns, such as type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. Companies like Silent Night Therapy offer solutions to help individuals overcome this condition and get a good night’s rest.
  • Glaucoma – Affecting the optic nerve, this health concern leads to blindness if left uncontested. The problem for people who suffer from this condition is that it is very difficult to identify before it’s too late. Fluid slowly builds up behind the eye, and it isn’t until severe nerve damage occurs that people even realize they had a problem in the first place.
  • Lung Cancer – Even though this is one of the deadliest cancers ever discovered, it usually goes undetected. A significant portion of patients with lung cancer were having chest x-rays performed for a different concern when the doctors notice something unusual. The symptoms are similar to other conditions, and include a dry cough with some difficulty breathing.

These diseases are notoriously difficult to detect and slowly build up in the body until they are major health concerns. By visiting the doctor regularly and listening to your body, you may be able to identify these problems at an early stage.

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Navigating marriage counseling

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Whether you have been married for one year or over 50, you may benefit from marriage counseling. Marriage counseling can help relieve every-day stressors that wear down even a solid, happy marriage. If you want to rekindle your relationship, you should consider seeking the help of a qualified professional like Kathleen Snyder, a licensed a Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and as a Professional Counselor (LPC) in Texas.

If you’re having trouble remembering and rekindling the love and connection you had at the beginning of your relationship, stress might be the culprit. Snyder explains that stress responses cause a “pressure-withdraw or attack-defend” mechanism that creates a vicious cycle. You might not even recognize your partner anymore from the person you first fell in love with.

While things may seem daunting, there is a very good chance that you can rekindle the love and connection you once enjoyed. The key, Snyder explains, is breaking the stress cycle that has hijacked your interactions. By doing so, you can not only repair any damage done but also provide space for friendship and intimacy to grow.

Marriage therapists like Snyder can help break this negative stress cycle by nurturing interactions that help build intimacy and connection. Once you break free from the stress cycle, you will be able to accurately respond to and recognize each other’s needs, creating a stronger, loving connection. This experience can help you not only rekindle the lost love but also reach new heights.

One way to rekindle your marriage is to learn how to fight fair. Start by maintaining control of the situation. Before you lose your temper, take a step back and call for a “time out.” This much needed pause could help you cool off before you say something you regret.

Second, make sure you never interrupt your partner. Interrupting not only shows that you’re not listening, but also signifies that you are trying to control the conversation. According to therapists, interrupting illustrates how you are “listening to respond rather than to understand.” One tactic to avoid interrupting is to use a specific object to signify whose turn it is to speak.

Third, do not bring up past hurts. If you are constantly bringing up old grudges, there may be underlying issues of unforgiveness, according to therapists Casey Caston. While it may be tempting to bring up the past, it is more effective to focus on the singular issue at hand.

Fourth, avoid criticism, which deteriorates a relationship. Like bringing up past hurts, criticism simply illustrates how you have made the argument personal rather than working to fix the problem.

Finally, be sure to apologize often. It is critical that you understand when and how you need to take responsibility for hurting your partner to resolve the conflict. Apologizing allows you to rebuild a connection and trust, the foundations of a strong marriage.

To recap, you can fight fair by staying calm, not interrupting, focusing on the single issue at hand, not lashing out, and apologizing. These tactics can help restore faith within a relationship. Consider talking to an experienced marriage counselor if you’re having any issues in your marriage.

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What Can Content Writing Do for My Business?

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Just about every successful business these days has an online presence. After all, most social media accounts can be created free of charge. A website domain won’t cut pockets in terms of expenses. In fact, creating websites that adhere to the trendiest aesthetic are investments that are taken very seriously. A branding team can spend weeks just trying to decide on a tag line and a color palette that can really make your brand stand out.

However, a fish can nibble around the bait without getting hooked – and do you really want to throw a line out there with the intention of never getting a catch?

That’s where content writing comes in. When all is said and done, when you have your website and your social media accounts, it all comes down to this: then what? What does your website have besides all its expensively installed and coded features? What is the point of your social media accounts more than just to simply exist for the sake of it?

The content you’re able to produce is the meat on the bone, so to speak. Anything can be made to look good but there’s a reason why Shakespeare and Tolstoy can live forever while a bad copy can simply be just another voice screaming into an empty void. According to the website of Kinetic Word, a website can get thousands of hits per day and never actually attract new business, simply because the content there offered nothing new. Bad copy can render your website and social media strategy as invalid and moot.

There’s a lyric from a Maroon 5 song that can perfectly describe this scenario: you’re perfect on the outside but nothing at the core.

This is the year 2015, after all. The masses today are more interested in fact and conversation than they are at being mindlessly sold things with catchy one-liners with no real information behind it. There have been too many scams and trends. They have the information of all of human history at the palms of their hands.

What good content can do for your business, you may ask. For a start, investing in good content can save it from sinking under, for a start. It can inspire conversation between you and your prospective client, allowing for there to be a trustworthy relationship from the get-go, and you can get to know each other from there. Today’s audiences like to be wooed and courted before they can take anything to the next level. Building a solid foundation with concrete content is the first good step to that.

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How Anti-Nausea Drug Zofran Causes Birth Defects

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The drug Zofran, also referred to by its generic name Ondansetron, was originally approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat nausea and vomiting from surgical procedures and chemotherapy and other cancer medications. However, the drug’s manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline, has been promoting its off-label use for pregnant women looking to alleviate symptoms caused by morning sickness.

Zofran works by inhibiting the transmission of serotonin, which is a substance responsible for triggering nausea and vomiting. While it proves to be an effective way to alleviate these symptoms, its use during pregnancy could lead to dangerous risks. In recent years, mothers have come forward and filed lawsuits claiming that the drug has caused birth defects in their children.

According to Zofran attorneys, there are two likely reasons why the drug could cause birth defects. One of the reasons is because Zofran works by altering the body’s natural production of serotonin. This classifies it as a serotonergic, sharing similar properties with drugs like Paxil and Zoloft which are known risks to fetal development. The Zofran attorneys also note that there have been studies that show the drug is a highly soluble in lipids. Compounds like these can pass through the woman’s placenta easily, possibly endangering the development of the fetus.

Pregnancy related sickness can be very difficult to deal with, and women should be able to take care of themselves while their bodies go through different changes. However, they must also be assured of the safety of their unborn child. While taking Zofran might help alleviate their symptoms, it also poses dangerous risks that would be difficult to gamble with.

If you suspect that Zofran might be the reason behind your child’s current health issues, it may be time to seek out legal counsel and gather necessary information Discuss your options with an experienced Zofran lawsuit attorney to learn more.

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